Radio Streaming.redefined.

Tune India helps you discover listners for your radio station by allowing create and publish their mobile apps. For free.

  • Starting


    Getting started is easy using our simple signup process. All you need to provide is Radio name, Streaming URL, Logo and get your Android App ready to run. No Coding Knowledge necessary.

  • Publishing & Promotion

    Publishing & Promotion

    We will get your Android app publish through our Google Playstore & other app store accounts. If you want to publish on your Account, you are free to do so.

    When it comes to promotion, we will get your apps promoted through our website & Social Networks.

  • Compatibilty & Support

    Compatibilty & Support

    We're working around the clock to ensure your App is alive every time.

    The Apps are Compatible with Android 2.1 (Eclair) and Later.

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Today's solutions are complicated, difficult to manage and hard to install.

Tune India is simple, beautiful and just for you.

Tune India

TuneIndia is an app-platform developed by Smartweb Innovations to help online radio stations (shoutcast radio streams) to create and publish their mobile apps for FREE . TuneIndia creates and publishes the mobile apps ( now available for android only ) for online radio stations for FREE . We help the radio stations to get more listeners for their radio by promoting through our website and facebook pages . We publish apps created using our platform on Google Playstore for FREE , you may also set up your own Google Playstore publisher account and do the same but it will cost 25$ for creating a Playstore